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We Teach Improv as a Vital Business Skill

We are a corporate skills training company that uses improvisational techniques to teach creativity, communication, leadership, and other skills vital to the success of modern businesses.

When you think of improv, you probably think of Whose Line is it Anyway? You almost certainly don’t think “business training”.

But improvisation is more than a performance art. Improvisation is the act of managing change. The basic ideas of improv include silencing your inner critic, adapting to rapid changes, and placing value in the ideas of those around you.

These concepts are at the core of we teach in our corporate improv and team building workshops. We believe any business of any size can benefit from employees who are more active, present, focused, and listening.

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We Build the Foundation of Your Innovative Business

Our engaging workshops revolve around these three focuses, designed to unlock your team’s potential.

Learn Creativity as a Skill

Research shows that creative companies routinely outperform their rivals in revenue, market share, and employee satisfaction. So, we teach creativity as a skill that can be practiced and improved. When was the last time you had “creativity training”?

Our workshops focus on idea generation as a key to creativity. You’ll learn to exercise your creative mind, and use improv techniques for everything from brainstorming to problem solving and conflict resolution.

Communicate at the “Atomic Level”

Communication training usually focuses on specifics: how to communicate with clients, how to communicate with co-workers, how to communicate with certain personality types. We get back to basics and teach fundamental skills that allow you to talk to anybody.

Our improv-based workshops break down and focus on several key techniques of successful communication, including listening, recognizing non-verbal communication cues, off-the-cuff (extemporaneous) speaking, mirroring, and much more.

Invest in the Success of Your Team

In business, it often feels like one person always shows up with a fully formed idea that they want executed their way or not at all. As a result, we feel creatively stifled. We’re treated less like stakeholders and more like drones.

True collaboration only comes when everyone is allowed to participate. In improv we are taught taught to “bring a brick, not a cathedral”. That’s why our improv workshops focus on the concept that all ideas (“bricks”) are gifts and that together we can build more.

Custom Improv Training to Meet Your Needs

A lot of training organizations believe one size fits all, but we customize each of our business improv workshops to ensure that they fit your company.

One of our training facilitators will meet with your team leadership prior to delivering the workshop, where we’ll discuss what challenges you are facing or what objectives you have for your corporate training.

A custom fit for your team ensures that you’re developing your team in the right direction, and not wasting time on skills you’ve already mastered.

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We Are Bold, Passionate Professionals

Improvisers get up on stage every week and make audiences laugh, cry, and even call out in surprise–all without a script. We do that by being reactive and in the moment. We listen like thieves, we build on what others have already done, we process information quickly and we react without hesitation. Improv is ultimately about developing the skills to adapt to change.

For every hour we’re on stage, we spend hours off stage honing those skills. And we believe those skills are useful–no, vital–to the success of any business of any size. We design business training and team building exercises that teach these skills to enhance creativity, improve communication, and help you grow your business.

Our expert facilitators have taken classes, performed, or taught at world-class improv theaters including Upright Citizens Brigade, iO West, Spectacles Improv Engine, Washington Improv Theater, and more.


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We offer business improv and team building training in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, but we are flexible and can travel to meet your team anywhere.

In addition to our larger team trainings, we offer private, one-on-one, and small group coaching. If you’re preparing for an executive presentation or just need a boost in your public speaking ability, give us a shout!