About Our Curriculum

This is easily our most frequently asked question.

Improv as a performance art is the act of creating dialogue, action, story, and characters on the fly without the use of a script. Basically, it’s performing live theater where everything is made up. You might already be familiar with Whose Line is it Anyway? or theaters like Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, or ComedySportz.

But, we don’t teach improv to professionals to make them performers. We teach something that is commonly called applied improv.

Applied improv is all about taking the power of improvisational theater and applying the techniques in non-theatrical situations such as businesses, professional groups, presentations, organizations, and more. It is ultimately about teaching people vital professional skills through a series of fun, non-traditional exercises.

Not at all! While improvisation is usually associated with comedy, not all improv is funny. Improv is about people reacting in truthful ways to often outrageous or absurd situations. This often produces laughter in those watching, but that is not the end goal.

In our corporate improv training, there is no pressure or expectation to “perform” or “be funny”. You simply need to show up and be willing to participate (and yes, maybe look a little silly).

Yes! We love the art of improvisation and we wouldn’t be espousing its virtues if we didn’t truly believe it works. But even if you don’t believe us, here are some links from major publications about the power of business improv training in the workplace:

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About Our Workshops

We can offer workshops of any length, but our standard half day is 3 hours. A full day workshop consists of two three hour sessions divided by a one hour lunch break.

We can always modify our curriculum to fit your needs. If you just want a 30 minute speaking engagement or a training program that spans several days, we can accommodate your needs.

Our corporate improv workshops start by getting everyone on the same page with some icebreaker and warmup games. We quickly establish a safe, fun, and inviting environment where everyone in your company is willing to play.

Once we’ve got the team on board, we go into a series of exercises that teach the foundational rules that will guide the rest of the workshop, We then transition into focused games designed to teach specific skills, such as leadership or communication–all customized to your needs, of course. Finally, a capstone exercise is used to reiterate all of the previously learned skills and leave participants feeling excited and proud of their new skill set.

Participants should expect to:

  • Stay on their feet for the 75-80% of the workshop duration
  • Move around the performance space quickly but safely
  • Perform short games and exercises with their co-workers in a supportive, judgement-free environment
  • Participate only in those exercises they are comfortable with
  • Have fun!
Our rates are competitive with traditional corporate training, leadership courses, workforce engagement classes, company training programs, etc. While we believe our training offers more value than traditional corporate training, we also believe you’ll find our prices to be very reasonable.

Qualifying non-profits, volunteer-driven organizations, educational, and healthcare organizations may be eligible to receive our training at a discounted rate.

All our corporate improv workshops are customized for your needs. Pricing varies based on a number of factors, such as:

  • Number of participants
  • Length of the workshop
  • Workshop content/focus
  • Number of facilitators (teachers) needed

Contact us today and we would be happy to give you a quote! Whatever your company training requirements, we can find a product and a price that works for you.


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