Our Approach to Team Building

Simple, effective lessons that bridge the gap between
business and improvisation.

Hands-On Learning

Dynamic, Experiential Training

Traditional skills training falls short of teaching real, applicable skills that are useful right away. They often rely on outdated teaching methods that feel more like lectures than skills training.

Our workshops are designed to improve your team’s skills and allow them to thrive in high-pressure situations, so they can apply those skills to their everyday lives. Participants will immediately digest and reflect on what has been learned and how each exercise applies to everyday life on the job.

Engaging and Unique Team Building

PlayRight’s team building approach offers several benefits you won’t find in most corporate skills training:

  • No PowerPoint Slides or Lectures
  • Focused, Skill-Specific Exercises
  • Post-Exercise Debrief to Discuss Lessons Learned
  • Non-Competitive to Encourage True Team Bonding

Successful Companies Use Improv to Get Ahead

  • Learn New Brainstorming Techniques
  • Encourage Open Collaboration
  • Communicate Across Skill Boundaries
  • Improve Customer Relationships

The Game Has Changed

Research has shown that “creative companies” outperform their rivals in revenue, market share, and employee satisfaction.

Companies around the world are already experiencing the benefits that improvisation-based training has to offer. They have seen success using improv to break down barriers and unlock pathways to creative thinking by engaging in proven methods backed by research in behavioral sciences.

Business Improv Training Benefits

Improv Skills are Life Skills

The exercises taught in our team building and corporate improv courses teach real skills that can improve the trust, communication, cohesion, and productivity of teams from any industry. The skills we teach are not industry-specific. They are universally applicable.

Everyone Can Participate

Best of all, everyone can benefit our team training workshops. We’re not a ropes course and we don’t do trust falls, so there are no physical barriers to participation and everyone is on equal ground. Our exercises are designed to push people outside their comfort zones, but attendees participate only as much as they are willing or able to.

  • Think on your Feet
  • Learn Problem Solving Techniques
  • Improve Bonds Between Team Members
  • Foster Trust and Support


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We offer business improv and team building training in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, but we are flexible and can travel to meet your team anywhere.

In addition to our larger team trainings, we offer private, one-on-one, and small group coaching. If you’re preparing for an executive presentation or just need a boost in your public speaking ability, give us a shout!